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At Prometal, we manufacture metal structures for buildings of all types (commercial, industrial, sports, etc.), certifying them according to the EN1090 standard up to execution class EXC4.
At Prometal, we are moving towards the Smart Factory, connecting all our processes digitally, from the BIM model to workshop execution.
At Prometal, we manufacture metalworking products and industrial equipment for various industrial sectors such as naval, automotive, energy, railway, civil construction, etc. Always under the most demanding requirements and control.
En Prometal fabricamos estructuras metálicas para edificaciones de todo tipo (comerciales, industriales, deportivas, etc.) certificando las mismas según la norma EN1090 hasta clase de ejecución EXC4.
En Prometal caminamos hacia la fabrica inteligente (Smart Factory) conectando todos nuestros procesos digitalmente, desde el modelo BIM hasta la ejecución en taller.
En Prometal fabricamos productos de calderería y bienes de equipo para los distintos sectores industriales (sector naval, sector automoción, sector energético, sector ferroviario, sector construcción civil, etc.) Siempre bajo los requerimientos y control más exigentes.
15 years of experience in the Design and Manufacturing of Sheet Metal Products and Metal Structures.

Since its inception, Prometal has based its business strategy on advising its customers, offering solutions that optimize their investments. All of this is based on proven and certified quality work, manufacturing custom parts and assemblies of heavy, semi-heavy, and light metalworking, performing various works in Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum.

3D laser scanning contributes to building design in all phases of construction. With this tool, we can compare the current state of construction in 3D with the CAD model at any time, a quality control process that helps avoid errors and, therefore, saves time and money.

01. Certified Quality
All the decisions adopted and the activities carried out in Prometal are customer focused, and we use all our efforts, knowledge and dedication to meet their needs. In that sense Prometal has implemented a Quality System for its manufacturing processes which is certified by approved bodies that monitor compliance with the requirements established to obtain the specified quality.
02. Smart Production
Prometal has the latest generation machinery to carry out its works. Most of our machines are controlled by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) which ensures speed with a high standard of
accuracy and a greater control of costs, thus improving competitiveness, which in turn benefits the customer.
03. Technical Office
Prometal has a Technical Office composed of highly qualified staff with over two decades of experience in the sector and with specific means and software, which allows it to offer Advisory, Design and Calculation services for projects and investments of an Industrial, Civil, Commercial, Sport, Leisure, Logistic nature.
04. Alliances
In order to provide the most comprehensive service to customers, Prometal has formally established alliances with other companies that carry out activities that complement those of Prometal in order to offer integral solutions to customers who so require it. This allows us to take on larger works without losing the agility and flexibility of a business structure.
Quality certificates
Certifies our products through a harmonized European standard, validating them with the CE marking.

ISO 3834-2
Certifies through a European harmonized standard the control of full quality requirements in welding.

“Quality means doing the right thing when no one is watching.”
“A healthy ecology is the basis for a healthy economy.”
ISO 45001
Workplace safety and health
“The safety starts with planning and ends with good results.”

Our experience and our clients endorse us.

Throughout its years of activity, Prometal has continued to grow in knowledge andexperience generating the essential trust towards its customers that allows it to continue with the firm development of its business plan. Knowledge, trust, closeness, flexibility, adaptability to customer needs, responsiveness, and ability to provide solutions, , commitment to delivery deadlines are the values that Prometal offers to its customers.

Nuestra experiencia y nuestros clientes nos avalan
Durante sus años de actividad Prometal no ha dejado de crecer en conocimiento y experiencia generando la imprescindible confianza hacia sus clientes que le permiten continuar con el firme desarrollo de su plan de negocio. Conocimiento, confianza, cercanía, flexibilidad, adaptabilidad a las necesidades de los clientes, agilidad de respuesta y capacidad para dar soluciones, compromiso con los plazos de entrega son los valores que Prometal ofrece a sus clientes.
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